CIO Europe Summit | Nov. 11, 2021 | Virtual Summit - Real-time Online Conversations



Zero Trust Shouldn't Equal Zero Productivity: A Holistic Identity Security Approach for Modern Environments

Thought Leadership - 12:40 pm - 1:00 pm

The world keeps changing and newsworthy breaches still occur despite the adoption of notions like "sure transformation", "assume breach," and "never trust, always verify"  Attackers now have a whole new array of entry points, tools, and techniques to work with. Instead of needing to target end-users, traverse the network permitter, elevate privilege, move laterally, and repeat, cyber criminals can take advantage of dynamic, distributed, environments coupled with the proliferation of systems accessed by machines and pipelines.

In this session, we'll: 

  • Understand the importance of Zero Trust and the risk of powerful identity and access to your entire IT estate 
  • Go beyond traditional IAM/PAM and learn about the new identity security tech stack and how it tackles Zero Trust
  • Automate and dynamically manage lifecycle with just-in-time access
  • Control and manage access and privilege across all human and machine identities, using conditional and attribute based authentication, not the same old static auth
  • Address ransomware attacks from initial entry through data exfiltration
  • Strike the balance between strong identity focused security and end user productivity

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